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Drew SmilingWelcome to my piece of Cyberspace!

I've been able to aquire a wide variety of skills and experience as a Graphic Designer over the years and it's my goal to share a mix of personal content, insight and experience with those of you who have a passion for either Graphic Design or music.

Over time, I'll give you gems of knowledge to inspire you to get creative. Things on here are pretty bare at the moment but soon it will take shape and evolve into something meaningful and useful. In the meantime I just ask for your patience until I get more development time to complete content and put it online.

I feel that by writing about important concepts and techniques that I've learned along the way will help me solidify my understanding of the material. It will also enable me to provide guidance to you so you can avoid common pitfalls and frustration that I've experienced first hand. I have always enjoyed writing and I feel that giving the gifts of knowledge, creativity as well as music are the most precious things one can give someone. Music brings people together like no other and design is just fun!

Personally, I wish I had a mentor along the way who was interested in both graphic design and music so hopefully this will serve that function for someone else. My intent is to inspire you to learn, to challenge you also and to hopefully foster a compelling desire to mentor others with these interests.

I have spent the last several years working and designing in the architectural glass and sign industries and I have recently purchased a professional quality Chinese vinyl cutter called the Copam CP-2500 from USCutter as well as SignGo Professional sign software. The Copam CP-2500 cutter receives very high reviews as it has solid build quaility so I'm hoping to put up a review of it shortly as well as various sign related bits of information.

The sign industry is a bit of a minefield to someone without experience and it can be expensive if you don't know some inside information. So I'm hoping to provide you some related guidance if you're interested in related topics.

Anyhow, your constructive feedback is always appreciated so don't hesitate to say hello or keep in touch. Since one person can not know everything, I would invite you to share your experiences, tips and tricks with me too and I will post them online with due credit. If you have learned something from me in your visit then I will feel that my efforts will have been a worthwhile. I look forward to learning from you at the same time.

Thank you and enjoy!


Push for Service

You know you want to...

Push For Service! - You know you want to. Push For Service! You know you want to.

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