Below are some pictures of people, animals, places and things that I hold dear to my heart or are important to me for one reason or another. Over time I will add more.

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Calgary_Stampeders_Old_QB_Henry_Burris.jpg nice-flower-in-grass.jpg Vantage_Acoustic Electric.jpg Schecter_Corsair_Bigsby.jpg Ovation_Custom_Balladeer_Model1712.jpg Foster_Ranch_View-From-Ranch1.jpg Marshall_JCM2000and900.jpg Shyla_wet_in_bath_not_a_happy_camper.jpg Foster_Ranch_View-From-Ranch-Calgary-In-Distance.jpg Foster_Ranch.jpg Foster_Ranch_View-From-Ranch2.jpg Happy_Dog-RIP.jpg Foster_Ranch_View-From-Ranch3.jpg Happy_Dog2-RIP.jpg Schecter_Corsair.jpg Shyla_as_a_baby.jpg Space-Shuttle-Atlantis-Florida1.jpg Shyla_after_haircut_looking_pretty.jpg Space-Shuttle-Atlantis-Florida3.jpg Drew-looking-like-an-idiot-playing-guitar.jpg Space-Shuttle-Atlantis-Florida2.jpg Niko.jpg